Parent Behavioral Management Training

Are you a parent struggling with your child's behaviour? You're not alone. Our Parent Behavioural Management Training (PBMT) program is here to help.

LivFull's program is designed to empower and support parents, not to blame or "fix" them. A mental health professional will work with you in person, in groups, or through video or the web to teach you behavioural techniques and strategies to help your child succeed in different aspects of life.

This program is not a quick fix, it requires time and effort, but the benefits for your child and your family will be long-lasting. Give your child the tools they need to succeed and your family the harmony it deserves.

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What is it good for?

Addressing maladaptive behaviours

Parent Behavioural Management Training (PBMT) is a highly effective intervention program specifically designed for children with disruptive or maladaptive behaviours. It targets a wide range of issues, including those that may co-occur with other difficulties such as attentional/hyperactivity or autism-related challenges. Through this program, parents will learn evidence-based strategies and techniques to help their child improve their behaviour and overall functioning in different aspects of life.

Behavioural Learning Principles

Parent Behavioural Management Training (PBMT) is an evidence-based intervention program for children with disruptive or maladaptive behaviours.

At LivFull Psychology, our PBMT approach incorporates Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) principles and trauma-informed cognitive psychology theory.

Our program focuses on reducing problem behaviours while teaching positive and adaptive behaviours, with the goal of improving the child and family's overall quality of life. Parents are trained to use positive and negative reinforcement to effectively influence their child's behaviour.



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